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Since 1997, DealNews has worked with small and large advertisers, both those who market their own websites and those selling through online marketplaces like Amazon. What they all have in common is the value the DealNews audience brings them.
They consider it a crucial part of their eCommerce marketing mix.



  • Duration: 1 DAY
  • Placement: Sorted Deal Feed

A One Day Placement runs on and in-app for a 24-hour period after publication. This competitive placement lives in our homepage deal feed. Results are sorted by our proprietary algorithm which considers popularity most heavily.



  • Duration: 14 DAYS
  • Placement: Fixed Slider

An Extended Placement is featured on and in-app for 8 or 14 days, and rotates in a featured slider, maximizing unique impressions. This placement is most impactful when you’re launching new products and sustaining existing ones.




  • Duration: VARIES
  • Placement: Sorted Deal Feed

DealNews’ self-serve advertising is a low risk option for driving clicks to your marketplace product pages. The PPC bidding model is similar to alternatives available on Facebook or Amazon, and provides granular management and reporting for your campaigns.


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How DealNews Advertising Works

Advertising on DealNews means publishing a deal for your product on

When you submit your ad, we will review your listing, and if approved, you will soon see your ad on the site. Our visitors will see your ad and click through to visit your own website or marketplace storefront listing such as Amazon, eBay, etc., where they will use your discounted coupon code for purchase.

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Once you submit your placement details, our team reviews it to make sure it meets our advertising requirements and will get in touch if there are any questions.


Complete your checkout securely through Paypal and we’ll run your ad on the date you've specified. We will contact you if we have questions.

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