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Expert Marketplace Articles

9 FBA Alternatives Amazon Sellers Should Consider

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) sellers are facing a unique challenge during the COVID-19 outbreak. If you're an FBA seller whose items are stuck in Amazon warehouses, you may be wondering about FBA alternatives.


10 Must-Have Amazon Pricing Trackers

As an Amazon Marketplace seller, you want to figure out how to get the most competitive price for a product — and how to keep it. That's where an Amazon pricing tracker comes in: you can pay attention to competitors' pricing without constantly looking at what they're charging for every item you sell. But there are a lot of price tracking tools to choose from.


Which Multi-Channel E-Commerce Software Can Help You Grow?

The mere-exposure effect refers to the increased preference for an object as a result of increased exposure to it. Marketplace sellers can put this psychological phenomenon to good use through a multi-channel listing tool — software that lets you push listings to different online marketplaces.


How to Move Your Marketplace Listings From Amazon to eBay

Maybe marketplace diversification has been your goal for a while now. Or perhaps the recent Fulfillment by Amazon limitations have made you think twice about where to list your products. Either way, you have options if you want your listings to appear on marketplaces besides Amazon's.


How to Deal With a Crisis Like Coronavirus

If any of your inventory comes from China, Italy, or another country heavily affected by the coronavirus, you can probably expect some interruption to your supply chain. The New York Times reported in early March that companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Pfizer had already begun to feel the impact of this serious global outbreak. So what can small businesses expect, and what can they do to protect themselves?


Amazon Drop Shipping vs. FBM

If you've also been thinking about the difference between FBM and drop shipping through Amazon, you're in good company. We dive into these two fulfillment methods, and why they confuse some sellers.


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