Frequently Asked Questions

DealNews has been in the business of finding and sharing the best deals online since 1997 so we have a lot of experience in determining what deals will resonate with our visitors and we know how to boost e-commerce sales for our advertiser partners.


Can I publish my own promotions?

No, all promotions must be reviewed to ensure they meet our editorial requirements. Specifically, your promotion must have the lowest price that we can find for that product, or a comparable product online on the date of requested publishing.

When do I pay for my One Day Placement deals?

All One Day Placements require pre-payment. Your sales representative will be in contact with payment instructions for each order received.

I have paid but the status of my case remains "Requires Payment." Why?

The status of your case will remain as "Requires Prepayment" in the portal until our editorial team has completed its review.

How quickly will my promotion be published?

We make every effort to publish your One Day Placement on the date you have requested. It can take up to 2 business days from submission to publishing so it’s best to submit your assets as early as possible.

What is the deadline for submitting promotions each day?

One Day Placements should be submitted before 2 p.m. EST on the day you would like them to be reviewed. If the promotion is received later than 2 p.m. EST, it will be reviewed the following business day (Monday-Friday). Any promotion received on Friday after 2 p.m. EST will not be reviewed until the following Monday.

When does the 24 hour placement period start?

The 24-hour period for your promotion begins when the placement is published on and the DealNews app. For example, a 24-hour promotion published at 9:00am on Monday will run until 8:59am on Tuesday on the homepage and main screen.

Can I include more than one SKU or ASIN in a deal?

One Day Placements are for the promotion of a single product only, and include only one product link. Variations of the product such as different styles, colors, or sizes may be included at the discretion of the editorial team.

If the code works for more than one SKU or ASIN on the product page, please note all variations to which it applies in the "additional information" section of the case.

I am interested in purchasing a number of placements. Are there any volume discounts available?

Yes, we are happy to offer volume discounts for sellers purchasing multiple placements. Contact your sales rep or for more information and pricing.

How do I know if my promotion is qualified for submission?

If a product is Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), it is automatically qualified for consideration. If it is not, the website or storefront selling the product must have a 70% positive rating or higher, or the equivalent as determined by 3rd party review sites. Additionally, a product must be offered at the lowest price that our editors can find online.

What price will be displayed for my promotion?

It is our policy to list the final in-cart price after the clip coupon or the coupon code for the promotion is applied. Here is an example of a clip coupon. If you do not want a discount applied to your promotion, you must remove it before submitting it for consideration. Otherwise, we will include it in the promotion.

My promotion was not approved by DealNews Editorial. Why?

The following list, while not exhaustive, includes some of the reasons why a deal would not be approved. If you don't see something that applies to your submission, please contact us to discuss your specific case.
• The price is wrong (and does not match what was listed in the case)
• Promotion does not have a coupon code or clip coupon to show the price was discounted
• The product is or contains materials that are considered a health hazard
• The purse looks too much like a designer equivalent
• The reviews say the product is faulty
• The product or the material it contains is cruel to animals
• The product is used
• The storefront is banned
• A feature of the product is considered illegal
• The product is an adult/sex product, firearm or firearm related, tobacco, postage stamp, or vaping product

I don't sell on Amazon. Can I advertise a deal from my website?

DealNews is a great place to advertise promotions on your website or marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Rakuten and others! In order to advertise your promotion, you must have positive ratings from 3rd party business review websites.

Where will my promotion appear?

All One-Day placements appear in DealNews’ homepage deal feed and on relevant category page(s). The position or rank of the promotion is determined by an algorithm that considers popularity most heavily among other factors. Thus, if your deal is popular among our frequent visitors – because it’s a great deal, lowest price, in a popular category, seasonally relevant – you have a higher likelihood, though not a guarantee, of appearing more prominently on the homepage and/or on relevant category pages and maybe even in our email.

Extended placements are featured in a slider ad unit on the DealNews homepage for 14 days. Positioning within the slider is based on user’s behavior. If it is the first time a user is presented with your promotion, it will appear prominently without scrolling. However, if a user has already been presented your promotion, it will likely appear once the user scrolls within the slider or after the user clicks “See More.”

How do I edit my One Day Placement?

As long as the promotion is marked "Pending Review,” you can make revisions to the details at any time by clicking the "Edit" button at the top of the page.

Can I cancel my One Day Placement?

Yes, you can cancel at any time using the "Cancel Case" button, located on the details page.

I can't offer the lowest price on the product I sell. What are my options?

If you are not able to offer the lowest price for a given product, we can still help you drive traffic. In this case, you can purchase a Sponsored Deal, which is similar to the One Day Placement, but you do not have to offer the lowest available price. These also run on the homepage for 24 hours and cost $500 per placement, with discounts for purchasing multiple placements.

Contact your sales rep or for more information. If you're a US-based marketplace seller, you can run PPC Ads which also don't require best-of-web pricing.

I purchased a 14-day extended placement but don't see it in the slider. Where is it?

The presentation of Extended Placements is based on user behavior. A deal is visible before the scroll at least once per unique user; thereafter, it moves after the scroll or to the “See All” (or Special Discounts) page.

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