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CPC BETA Program

Self-Serve CPC Placements are currently in a Beta Program to help understand critical missing functionality and to identify bugs before a broader release. Features and pricing are subject to change in the future when the Beta is completed.

Self-Serve PPC Portal

If you'd like to participate, Contact Us.

DealNews CPC

DealNews is working to provide our clients with a self-serve advertising product that enables a very low risk option for driving clicks to your product pages. The CPC bidding model is familiar to alternatives available on Facebook or Amazon, and will provide granular management and reporting for your campaigns. 

Comparison to our Current Fixed Cost Placements

CPCFixed Cost
Effective Cost per ClickConsistent. Your Bid AmountVariable. Popular offers often pay less than $0.25 per click.
Click VolumeSlower, Controlled. Depends on bids and demand. Campaign limits availableHigh. If you have an offer that you know works for our audience, it is hard to find anywhere else to generate as many clicks as cheaply and as quickly as the fixed cost placements.
ReportingBuilt-In. Impression and click reporting available in real-time for each ad placementOn Request. Our team can provide click reporting as requested.
PlacementFixed. Ads share impressions in Pre-defined zones. Requirements aren't as critical as our fixed cost placements, share similar styles as our native content, but are labeled as "Sponsored".In Feed. The fixed price placements are native offers, exactly like our core content, but will need to meet more stringent requirements (best price available on web).

If you already know what works on DealNews.com, then our Fixed Cost placements will generate more clicks, quicker than CPC. If you are still figuring out what products might work well on DealNews, the optimal pricing for the products, or just want to start with minimal risk, then CPC would be a good fit.

How it Works

Available CPC Zones

Home, Category, Brand, Store, and Search Pages

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Zone Name
Conversion RatePagesDevices
Right Rail - Below Top AdBestCategory>900px
Right Rail - Before Sticky AdGoodHome>900px
Main Content - Below PagingBestCategoryAll
Main Content - Before First OfferBestCategoryAll

Blog Pages

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Zone Name
Conversion RatePagesDevices
Main Content - Embedded in ArticleGoodBlogAll


Account Management

Account Setup - Direct Email Invite

Enable Balance Notifications

Campaign Management

Submit a Campaign

Ad Approval

Approval Criteria

CPC Placements do not require "best of web" pricing like our fixed price placements, but the pricing will still impact click and conversion rate. Since we are a deal site, the placement will require some kind of discount. You will need manage making sure that your coupon codes stay valid during the time your ads are configured to be setup. Please contact our team if you have advertising needs that aren't supported by this approach. 

Approval will be focused on verifying accurate information has been provided and that the product meets the following criteria below:

Product Criteria
    Causes Rejection
  • error_outlineHealth Hazard
  • error_outlineCounterfeit
  • error_outlineStamps
  • error_outlineGuns/Ammunition, Tobacco/Drugs, or Adult Items
  • error_outlineHighly Negative Reviews
  • error_outlineCruel to Animals
  • error_outlineUsed Condition
  • error_outlineMissing Required Certification
    Might Perform Poorly
  • warningNarrow Niche
  • warningNo Reviews
  • warningLimited Description

Contact Us if you have questions about eligibility.

Ad Rejection

If you ad is rejected for any reason, then you will receive an email from our team with details about why that occurred. You can simply resubmit a new, corrected placement for approval.

Ad Serving

DealNews CPC placements utilize a CPC Bidding model, similar to Amazon or Facebook. We set a lower bound or minimum price per click for each zone where you can assign your ad placement. You can either set your bid to the minimum, or you can bid higher than the minimum. We recommend bidding higher than the minimum if you ad is receiving fewer impressions than you would like or is not hitting your daily limit.

Criteria Before Your Ad Will Be Served

  • Your order/campaign must be approved by DealNews (we will reach out via email if we reject the order for any reason)
  • You must have balance available in your account
  • The order/campaign must be active
  • The order/campaign must have dates that overlap with the current date or must be set to run continuously
  • The specific ad can't be beyond the daily or campaign limits (view the order details to check)
  • Your bid must be equal to or higher than placements configured by other advertisers
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